Membership Packages

We offer numerous packages to cater for each of our prestigious client's needs.

The agency discusses with its clients their aspirations and arranges introductions in their desired setting, this ensures a high level of success is achieved in finding their ultimate partner.

Packages available are found below and can be altered to suit a client's unique requests.


Base Package, Including an hour, one-one consultation with the Matchmaker.







1 year of dating within client’s country/region

Price Per Annum:



Gold Upgrade includes multiple mixers & multiple one-one consultations with the Matchmaker.






1 year of dating within client’s continent region

Price Per Annum:



This is a fully bespoke package tailored to a client’s specific wants and needs.

Multiple one on one dating sessions with the matchmaker. Personal international searching outside the agencies matches based on client’s specific criteria

1 year of unlimited dating worldwide

Price Per Annum:


Payments can only be made via wire transfer. Payments can be made in USD, GBP or EURO, please state your desired payment currency on your application form. Any deposit made to Mayfair Matchmaking is non-refundable and covers an initial consultation. Membership does not start until full payment is made, and memberships are non-refundable, and non-transferrable.


Such a pleasant and easy sign up process, and such friendly communications with the team. They have been extremely professional and have explored what I am looking for in depth. I can't wait to find my first match!

Sandra Tamworth 

I couldn't be happier with my first match experience, it was all arranged so easily, I felt safe and the date was fluent with no awkwardness. We had a great connection and exchanged numbers, I am looking forward to seeing my date again.

Priscilla Upton

I was very impressed with my match. A beautiful young lady in an occupation we can both relate to provided us with a great conversation with no pauses. We have agreed to have another date in a more exotic location, we are both looking very much forward to it!

Andrew Carlisle

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